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Digital and innovative – the new age of crypto asset forecasting


What is CoinWeather?

CoinWeather makes various crypto forecasts easy understandable for everyone. With CoinWeather’s simple design it is possible to see the forecast for crypto assets for the next 90 days. CoinWeather breaks down complex statistical analysis at one glance – a simple weather forecast. 


How does it work?

We analyze crypto asset developments of hundreds of crypto assets. Based on the historical data of each crypto asset, CoinWeather predicts the future crypto asset price development.

Want to see whats going on under the hood?
No problem! We explain our analysis in more detail below.

More than

supported crypto assets

Unique presentation

At first glance – the current market situation as weather forecast. CoinWeather offers a new user experience for crypto asset forecasts.

Get on board and fly with us to the moon!
Crypto asset price development is going to be between +5% and moon %

Price development the next day between +0.5% and +5%

Price development on the next day between -0.5% and +0.5

Price development on the next day between -3% and -0.5% 

Price development on the next day between -100% and -3% 

Our Vision

We make technical analysis of crypto assets understandable to everyone. Our innovative user interface makes it incredibly fast and efficient to learn about future crypto asset price developments.


No more conventional chart analysis! The combination of complex statistical calculations with the simple presentation as a weather forecast.


Easy to use and intuitively understandable. We prepare static analyses graphically and focus on the essentials.

Let us convince you!

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Are you looking for an innovative solution to keep yourself informed about the future price trends of crypto assets? You want to get statistically information presented in an easy to understand and clear way? Get CoinWeather now from the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore and benefit from our analyses! Be one of the first testimonials and shape the future of CoinWeather. Early access is now available for a limited user group.

Support us

Starting with the idea of launching a novel project in the cryptocurrency space, we began developing CoinWeather. We are a group of three friends from various professional field and run CoinWeather as a leisure project alongside our full-time jobs. We work on our project with great enthusiasm and are happy to invest a lot of time and capital. You are welcome to make an important contribution to the further development of CoinWeather with your donation. We are happy about any kind of support! Just Contact us or buy us a coffee to cover our hosting costs. 🙂